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The milk bar ("tejivó" in Hungarian) is no new invention. Its history in Budapest dates back to the early 20th century. Such shops used to sell beverages made with milk, soft drinks and pastry. Some Hungarians still recall the exceptional atmosphere of these establishments, and the splendid feeling of sipping a steaming cup of coffee while eating a delicious croissant.

István Cserpes, founder of the Cserpes Cheese Workshop and the Cserpes Tejivó milk bar chain, reached back to this tradition when he opened the very first Cserpes Tejivó in Budapest.
"Our goal was to widen the range of Hungarian culinary delights. We thought such a milk bar would popularize the company's other products as well… „
What also made the Cserpes Tejivó milk bar renowned, were the products of the Cserpes Cheese Workshop and the fact that even pastry is produced by the company itself.
„The pastry sold at the Tejivó is made by us in Kapuvár. We wanted to present how a good cocoa roll or any other pastry can be made without additives. The roll does not require flavour enhancement or flour treatment agents - as often seen utilized by others on the market - but only the dough, some sugar and cocoa."
The menu is simple: cottage cheese pockets, cocoa rolls, croissants, scone, jam pocket, pastries mostly for breakfast or tea, complemented by sandwiches, salads and desserts. Regarding drinks, we offer milk, cocoa milk, latte, lemonade and tea, from a time long ago…
Opening hours: MOM Sport, Allee: monday - friday 7.30-21.00, saturday: 9.00-21.00, sunday: 9.00-20.00
Downtown, Corvin köz: monday - friday 7.30-21.00, saturday: 9.00-20.00, sunday: 9.00-18.00
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